A non- governmental organisation, Surgical Aid Foundation (SAF), is collaborating with Kelina Hospital on medical outreach programme to provide free surgical operations curing enlarge prostrate, kidney stones and gall stones among affected children and adults in the country.

SAF in a press release issued to journalists in Abuja on Thursday, said it will be underwriting some of the bills to make it possible for patients to have these surgeries done in Kelina Hospital between October and November 2018.

The statement signed by its programme manager, Abidemi Babatunde, said SAF in collaboration with Kelina Hospital is assisting patients gain access to hi-tech surgeries that require a lot of technology, which are not commonly available to the general public in Nigeria such as endoscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and laser-based surgery.

According to him, “We have received over 70 applications from patients this year, who wish to benefit from this programme.

“In the past, we have focused on breast cancer and cancer of the cervix. This year, SAF will be focusing on prostate cancer which is very prevalent in our society.

“The 3rd aspect of the Outreach Programme this year is free dental checks. So far, over 300 people have registered to have a dental check and have been booked for the clinic examination. SAF will be spending over N900,000 on these checks in 2018,” he said.

Addressing news men during a press briefing, a consultant and Urological Surgeon, Kelina Hospital, Dr Celsus Undie, explained that the surgery is basically for those who cannot afford the usual surgical bills.

He averred that the essence of the outreach is to give back to the society.

He added, “We do this program every year, our mission is to pick every one that applied. The collaboration came as a way of discouraging unnecessary medical tourism outside of the country.

Dr Undie, however lamented over the high rate which Nigerians go on medical tourism for surgical operations.

“It is an embarrassment that Nigerians always go for surgical operations abroad. People don’t need to travel the whole world to get operation done, there are so many things that can be done here in Nigeria,” he added.

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