Haulage includes using trucks and lorries to convey goods from one point to the other. The movement could be within a city. For example from Iddo terminus to Oyingbo, both in Lagos Mainland. Also it could be foodstuff from Damaturu in Yobe State to Mile 12 in Lagos State.

The business: During conveyance goods are accompanied by owners. In most cases, truck owners do not go scavenging for loads. They leave their Truck/Lorries to transport companies. While haulage contractors obtain trucks from Transport companies to convey goods. As an entrepreneur, your role is that of a haulage contractor.

Those who have goods and properties to move include, individual, private and public organization, government agencies and other establishment. These are the people to reach for jobs or contracts. Be sure to get yourself equipped with sufficient information before proceeding to hunt for jobs/contract.

You need to visit Lorry and Truck packs around you and seek to know fare/rates. Longer routes attract high charges. The risks of conveying perishable product as well as weight do contribute to fare determinant. In the process of negotiating for Truck/Lorries endeavor to request for full hire (to and fro) and strike a bargain. For yourself, prepare a chart of vehicle tonnages, routes, istance, fares, etc. make sure you request for demurrage fee. That is a surcharge for not returning the vehicle as agreed.

Demurrage starts to count a day after the agreed return date to owners. It is sufficient to advice haulage entrepreneur to avoid rickety trucks for long distance journeys. Any breakdown of such Trucks will result to delays in delivery dates. Before sourcing for jobs, make sure you have made arrangement for goods for return trip. Delays are not good for this business, goods should be ready, and stacked waiting for trucks arrival.

Besides using funds to source for the needed documents. Haulage operation in some cases do not require down payment for trucks. Your delivery note/waybill endorsed by the officers who receive the goods enables you to get payment. Situation may exist where Truck owners request for deposit.

Do not despair when you do have, negotiate and go into understanding or agreement with them. Take note, Truck owners welcome contracts lasting long term compared to one-off. Let your mark-up be minimal, but you will double your income from payment for goods collected on return trip. Depending on the number of trips and the number of vehicle used, you can earn above N100,000 per month.


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