Ubani urged Ilaboya to be steadfast in the discharge of his duties, positing that a sterling performance in this position would pave the way for higher positions for him.


“This is a man who touched so many people during his tenure as SWAN chairman that Lagos State had to conscript him into their football association board. He was elected as Edo FA chairman so easily, so it is not a surprise that he is now chairman of such an important Edo council as Owan West,” he said.


“He acquitted himself so well as chairman of Lagos SWAN that he was compelled to do a second term even when there were other people angling for the same position.


Speaking yesterday in Lagos, Guild of Sports Editors’ President, Mr. Tony Ubani said Owan West Council constituents knew what they wanted hence they went for an upright candidate like Ilaboya, adding, “It is not by accident that Mr. Ilaboya has always been sought after for big positions.


The Guild of Sports Editors, which is the umbrella body for all managers of sports in , has congratulated the newly elected chairman of the Owan West Council of Edo State, Mr. Frank Ilaboya over his success at the polls.





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