The Minister of Aviation, Osita Benjamin Chidoka has said that the Government will do everything to protect the local operators in the Aviation sector. He gave this assurance when the management of Arik Airlines paid him a courtesy visit in his office on Tuesday August 20, 2014.

Osita Chidoka, while appreciating the visit of the Arik management said that the concerns raised by Arik are traceable to global conspiracy by the developed world to make sure that the developing countries remain constrained.  He added that it was not a Nigerian conspiracy against the local airlines, saying it affects other sectors.

The Minister assured the visitors that the government will do all it can to improve local operations. Adding, the good thing is that those of them who know about the global conspiracy will do everything to protect the local operations in the Aviation industry.   He further advised the local operators to improve their services to meet with global standards. “You have to make a transition; you cannot run your business as if you are running it for only Nigerians. Go global in your operations because we are used to global services,” he said.

“A lot of things have to be done to improve the internal operational systems in the local industry to be able to compete with the global system. The government wants to create safe and secure airports and the partnership of the local operator is necessary for this to be achieved.”

He made particular reference to local industries, expressing readiness to shift towards partnering with local operators to grow their businesses. He noted that the Ministry will be partners in progress in the interest of the passengers and said that they are looking forward to a Nigerian company that will take the bull by the horns and that Arik is up to it.

The leader of the Arik Management Team, Johnson appealed to the Minister to create time for visit to the Arik office, in order to experience firsthand what they have on ground. The Minister of Aviation in his response promised to do so.


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