On one afternoon, some people came together to pray for peace, these was triggered by the current situation in the country, at that, the people began to sing a warfare song with there hands rolling like thurnder. On the street was a man with a lunatic display, all of a sudden he had the voice of those singing songs, he began to dance to the tune, the mad man was carried away by that and was able to locate the venue of the prayer meeting, during the prayer session when all eyes were closed, the mad man join them looking so astonish at there aggression and strange gesture towards the prayers after the 2nd prayer point was heard for some minute the prayer warrior leader ended that with in Jesus name we pray, immediately he gave the next prayer : anybody against peace in Nigeria and Biafra, o Lord give them a hot slap also these was said in Yoruba, but the mad man was impressed at that, after some time he walk closer to the praying leader and have him a hot slap, this distract others and the mad man said.He look at him from head down and saw that he is a mad man both the leader and the members escape for their life.
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